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Weather Data

Current Temp: -5°C (03/18 @ 12:45 AM) • Normal High: 3°C • Normal Low: -5°C


Crop Heat Unit (since May 1st): 3348 • Normal: 3174 • Deviation from Normal: +174

*Note: Season CHU’s starts May 1st and ends Oct 31st.


7 day Forecast
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Sun, Mar 18 Mon, Mar 19 Tue, Mar 20 Wed, Mar 21 Thu, Mar 22 Fri, Mar 23 Sat, Mar 24
High 6.0 °C 0.9 °C -1.5 °C 2.9 °C 4.4 °C 5.4 °C 6.7 °C
Low -6.8 °C -6.4 °C -9.0 °C -5.4 °C -5.5 °C -5.3 °C -6.7 °C
Rain 0.1 mm 0.1 mm 0.1 mm 0.1 mm 0.1 mm 0.1 mm 2.5 mm


GDD accumulation will begin on April 1st.


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About SPRAYcast®

Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) calculates pesticide buffer zone distances, in order to protect sensitive non-target organisms from those pesticide products which have been assessed to be of risk to the environment. These zones can vary in size during the spraying season, depending on weather conditions, pest control products used, and the type of spray equipment and nozzle design. Spray applicators have expressed concern over the changing nature of the buffer zones, and the resultant tendency to leave multiple rows unsprayed at certain times of the year. These unsprayed rows can act as reservoirs for insects and disease, or become weed banks which may create unwelcome risks for the remainder of the crop season.

Weather INnovations (WIN), in cooperation with Environment Canada, has developed an alternative approach, based specifically on weather conditions. SPRAYcast® will identify times during the day that are more or less favourable for spraying. This will allow the buffer zone to remain constant throughout the season.

The Spraying Conditions Advisory uses decision support criteria, developed by Environment Canada, incorporated in a 3 day weather forecast. Growers can choose field locations to obtain weather forecast data pertinent to their field operation. SPRAYcast® is provided on a daily basis through the growing season and is accessible to all users of this site thanks to sponsorship in part by Bayer CropScience and MAFRI. Please contact WIN for additional sponsorship opportunities.

SPRAYcast® is currently available in Manitoba, Ontario, part of Quebec & Michigan.