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Registering Your Fields @

Have you registered your fields at for #plant17? It's free, available to everyone, takes just a few minutes and will give you access to a wealth of online info and support for your grain fields this season.

In 2017 be sure to register all your corn and soybean fields. Check out your account on or create a new one if not already a user, as we have now launched 2 new soybean tools for the growing season. Along with the corn growth stage, corn drydown calculators and pest advisory, WIN now has available the soybean growth stage calculator as well as pest forecasting models, thanks to PRIDE Seeds.

While we wait for the right planting conditions, login today and plot your fields on the Google® map. Input your fields agronomic data to save time during the spring rush. Once the crop is in the ground, your fields on can be edited with the actual planting dates.

Having your fields registered early will help with growth staging and timely field applications making sure any spraying is done at an appropriate time.

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